We improve your client quality while reducing underwriting costs

Facila provides bank and non-bank lenders with fully packaged and pre-qualified clients based on underwriting criteria.

As much of your diligence and underwriting process can be delegated to us, so you focus on what you do best: fund.

Marketing leads are important, but we take it one step further. This are the steps we'll take every time:

Business applicants complete a thorough KYC application, which gives us a detailed insight into the business and the owners.
Our team gathers all required and relevant information and documentation from clients based on your underwriting guidelines.
We analyze and understand the operations, history and ownership of a business.Then, we follow packaging and underwriting procedures in order to determine the loan programs that are most likely to approve.
A fully packaged applicant file will be sent to you, our lending partner, for review. From there, we support you in advancing with the borrowers that you request to proceed with all the way to funding.
We strive to help you reach a credit decision in as little time possible.
Why partner with us?

Because once all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted, we are the best value option. You'll save money in marketing and processing because we will qualify, package and underwrite all of our clients.

Say good bye to spending time on applicants that do not fit the mold. We take care of the grunt work so you can take care of the businesses that you want.

Don’t hesitate to partner with us!

“We take the function of brokering to the next level. We originate, interview, package, and underwrite every client, every time, no exemptions no excuses.”

- John Russo, Credit Analyst