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Strategic Advisory

Core advisory services to support corporate and project strategy,  due diligence, financial analysis, and capital structuring.

At Facila Group, our professional services stand as the cornerstone of our commitment to providing unparalleled value to our clients. Our seasoned experts, equipped with extensive industry experience and deep domain knowledge, are devoted to providing tangible insights and guidance to facilitate well-informed decision-making.

We embrace a multicultural approach to equip our consultants with the understanding, communication skills, and effective integration needed in diverse cultures worldwide. This includes a comprehensive grasp of multiple industries and jurisdictions, enabling us to devise pragmatic and effective solutions to complex issues within the legal and financial frameworks of each client. Our extensive experience in solving unconventional business practices provides corporate and private clients with the opportunity to attribute these skills to their specific needs.

Because the firm's reputation is more important than anything else, we deliberately undertake only a select number of engagements at any given time. This approach ensures that each client receives the individualized attention necessary to deliver on our promises. We pride ourselves on offering our clients the discernment and execution capabilities of a major firm, coupled with the focused attention, quality, and senior-level involvement characteristic of a boutique firm.


Through rigorous analysis, data-driven strategies, and collaborative problem-solving, we ensure that our consulting services go beyond mere advisory—they are transformative. We take pride in our ability to comprehend the unique intricacies of your organization, industry, and market dynamics, allowing us to tailor solutions that drive meaningful and sustainable growth. In summary, we don't just offer consulting; we provide strategic clarity and actionable pathways to success.


  • Business and Project Structuring 

  • Corporate Strategy / Innovation Management

  • Due Diligence / Asset Evaluation

  • Private Debt Services

  • Investment Origination

  • Private Placements

  • Insurance / Collateral / Underwriting

  • Trade Finance Solutions

  • Wealth Management and Banking Solutions

Image by Jan Antonin Kolar
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